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* Arsenal’s fan chants reflect the deep love and passion they have for the club, with songs that celebrate history, success, and unity among supporters. Arsenal fans Gooners 

* The iconic chants like “One-Nil to the Arsenal” and “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” represent the team’s winning tradition and the unwavering support of the Arsenal fans.

* New chants like “Waka Waka” for Kai Havertz and “Saliba” to the tune of “Tequila” showcase the creativity and camaraderie among Arsenal fans while deepening the connection between players and supporters.

Arsenal have a rich history in English football and are one of the biggest clubs in the world. The Gunners have endured a roller coaster of emotions in recent years, but Mikel Arteta has restored the feel-good factor on the terraces.

Through the ups and downs, one thing unites the fans more than anything, and that’s the feeling of leaving your troubles behind on a Saturday afternoon and belting out chants alongside 50 thousand plus fans and hundreds of thousands across the World signing in their local pubs who share the same unbridled passion as you do for the red and white of North London.

Some of these chants go back many years and are embedded in the history of the club. Others have sprung up just recently along with the new wave of optimism. With the rise of social media, it’s now easier than ever for supporters to stay up to date with the latest tunes from the stands and ensure they’re ready to belt them out for 90 minutes with their fellow Gooners. Here’s a selection of the best and brightest from the Arsenal song sheet.

Classic Arsenal chants

"She Wore a Yellow Ribbon"

The Arsenal FA Cup chant – This is Arsenal’s anthem, and it’s a must-know for every fan. The song refers to the Arsenal colours and the unwavering support of the fans. It’s not just a chant; it’s a declaration of love and loyalty and has become synonymous with the Gunners’ success in the FA Cup.

“She wore, she wore, she wore a yellow ribbon,
She wore a yellow ribbon in the merry month of May,
And when, I asked, oh, why she wore her ribbon,
She said it’s for the Arsenal, and we’re going to Wembley!”

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"Good Old Arsenal"

The Nostalgic Tune – This chant is a nostalgic ode to Arsenal’s past glories and great players. It captures the essence of Arsenal’s rich history and evokes a sense of pride among the Gunners and the Worldwide Gooners in Memory of the Top of the Pops and the Boys from Highbury chant song by Ashburton Army

“Good old Arsenal, we’re proud to say that name,
While we sing this song, we’ll win the game,
We’re so proud to say that name,
While we sing this song, we’ll win the game.”

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"Red Army"

The Gunners announcing their presence arrival and resistance “Red Army” is a spirited chant that resonates through Highbury and the  Emirates Stadium. It’s a call to arms for the fans to get behind their team, raise their voices, and create an intimidating atmosphere for the opposition. A beaut of a tune that goes way back to the halcyon days of Highbury,

“We are the Arsenal, the red and white army,
And we are mental, we are mental, we are mental,
We are the crazy, the Arsenal FC!”

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"Oh to Be a Gooner"

The Dreamer’s Chant – This chant is all about the love and passion Arsenal fans have for their club. It’s an affirmation of the joy and pride that comes with being a part of the Arsenal family. And also reflects the dreams and aspirations of every Arsenal fan. It’s a celebration of the passion that drives supporters to dream of glory and success.

“Oooh to, oooh to be,
Oooh to be a Gooner,
Oooh to, oooh to be,
Oooh to be a Gooner”

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"We Love You Arsenal"

The Chant from the decades A Tribute to the long time patriotic fan, and New fans joining the merry Mob

This chant is a simple yet powerful way for fans to express their affection for the club. It’s a constant reminder that the love for Arsenal runs deep in the hearts of its supporters. This one is easy to get involved with even to those who might be attending a match for the first time. A feel-good belter.

“We love you Arsenal, we do,
We love you Arsenal, we do,
We love you Arsenal, we do,
Oh, Arsenal, we love you!”

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"One-Nil to the Arsenal"

The Winning Tradition – A variation of the “1-0 to the Arsenal” chant, this one emphasises the club’s historic ability to grind out victories by a one-goal margin. It’s a testament to Arsenal’s never-give-up spirit and one of the absolute classics. This chant has become synonymous with Arsenal’s history of defensive solidity. Aka Peak George Graham vibes. Fans have been singing it for years, celebrating their team’s ability to win games with a single goal while maintaining a solid defence the Arsenal Song as been herd on the terraces for decades through the Berte Mee reign and of course Terry Neil and others like the famous Arsene Wenger.

“One-nil to the Arsenal,
One-nil to the Arsenal,
One-nil to the Arsenal,
One-nil to the Arsenal!”
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Newer Arsenal chants

Kai Havertz Scores Again

To keep you right up-to-date, there was a new and catchy little tune that popped up on the terraces of the Vitality Stadium recently. Arsenal stormed to a 4-0 win over Bournemouth, and the fourth was significant. After some debate between Martin Ødegaard and Gabriel Jesus, the boys opted to give the spot-kick to Kai Havertz. The German – who’s been struggling for form, tucked it away and thus, one of the catchiest tunes in the Gooner’s repertoire was born.

“Tsamina mina, eh, eh,
Waka waka, eh, eh,
£60 million down the drain,
Kai Havertz scores again”
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Do do do Saliba

There’s something unique about football chants – especially ones that everyone can get around, regardless of whether or not they can sing – or even speak English! The chant for William Saliba is the easiest and arguably the most fun of the lot. Set to the tune of ‘Tequila’ by the champs, To get involved, one literally just needs to replace the word, ‘Tequila,’ with Saliba and Bob’s your Uncle.

Da da da da da da da da da.
Da da da da da da da – Saliba!’

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Super Mik Arteta

Nothing sums up the rising sentiment among Arsenal fans than their song about their manager. The line ‘he knows exactly what we need’ sums up perfectly the faith the Emirates faithful has in the Spaniard and the process he’s implemented since moving to North London from Manchester City. The chant is slightly dated now, as former fan-favourite Kieran Tierney has headed off to Real Sociedad on loan, and the team finally returned to the Champions League this season following a seven-year hiatus.

‘Super Mik Arteta’

We’ve got Super Mik Arteta,
He knows exactly what we need,
Kieran at the back, Gabi in attack,
Arsenal on the way to Champions League
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Arsenal Anthem

The Angel (North London Forever) – Song by Louis Dunford

To round this off, we have the newest addition to the list and one that inspires goosebumps across the Emirates Stadium.


As I walk these streets alone, through this borough I call home,
Upon the baron fields of Highbury ‘neath the stadiums of stone,
Through the turnstiles at The Angel, see the homeless on the green,
From The Cally to The Cross, and every shithole in between,
Pass the church, the mosque, a crack den, and the offie on the corner,
See the brasses from the brothel that pretends to be a sauna,
Watch the bedlam in the bookies, see the winners and the losers,
Seeking solace from their sorrow in the local battle cruisers,
Through the madness in the market, weathered faces turn to greet ya,
“‘Ello gov’nor, how’s your mother?,”
“You alright, son, be lucky, geezer,”
Double pie and mash and liquor, a Cuppa Rosie Lee up chap,
Or watch retired gangsters bicker, every day in Arthur’s café,
The little fuckers causing trouble, for the cozzers make you smile,
You meet ya muckers for a couple, forget your troubles for a while,
From The Thornhill to The Hemmy, all the faces are the same,
‘Cause the manor might be changing, but the people still remain,
North London Forever,
Whatever the weather, these streets are our own,
And my heart will leave you, never,
My blood will forever, run through the stone,
As I walk these streets alone, through a kingdom made of chrome,
I see them ripping up the cobbles, and tearing down our childhood homes,
I see the architecture changing, watch the history disappear,
And the skyline rearranging into towers of veneer,
But I see the remnants of a London that they thought they could erase,
Every time I hear the old school talk about the good old days,
Or every time I watch the football and have a ruby with the lads,
See an hoister selling clobber or a dealer shooting bags,
It’s in the single mothers juggling a baby and a job,
In every single brother struggling that wound up in the dock,
It’s in the roots and the foundations, still clinging to the land,
It’s in the bricks that built the Morland and Popham that still stand,
It’s in my family and my friends, in every gram and every Benz,
It’s in the roots that we inherit when a generation ends,
It’s in the ruins of your youth and the faces of your past,
‘Cause the manor might be changing, but the people always last,
North London Forever,
Whatever the weather, these streets are our own,
And my heart will leave you, never,
My blood will forever, run through the stone

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